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Environment NMC Nagpur


Notice Number Download Description
06/06/16 Noise Pollution Notification-06/06/2016
12/09/15 GOM Noise Pollution
10/09/15 Authority of (PGR) Noise Polution and Prevention by NMC Nagpur
10/09/15 AuthorityList Noise pollution All INDIA (2)
10/09/15 MIS_2014_CR71 (1)
10/09/15 noisegGR 2000
10/09/15 Noise Limit for vehicles under Manufacturing stage
10/09/15 noiselimit_firecrackers
10/09/15 NoiseRules2000
10/09/15 Noise
10/09/15 Noise_Rule_2010


Sr.No Description  Download
1 NMC Front cover
2 Index NMC-ESR
3 NMC ESR Final
4 NMC Presentation-Env status report 12.09.2014








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